Tuesday, February 10, 2015

David Brooks

Those of you who know mw are probably aware that I am a major fan of David Brooks. I love his work because he is thoughtful and measured. He doesn't spout off and point his finger. He tries to give context and understanding to all his opinions. And, although he represents the Conservative voice on the PBS News Hour on Fridays, he is the kind of Conservative a Liberal like me can work with. He has much to teach me and it always seems to be worth it and more.

Here's todays article, supposedly about Brian Williams, but, of course it's about the reader. We are being called to be part of society in a powerful and connected way. We are also given the opportunity to step into Mr. Williams' shoes and try them on.

I am Brian Williams. I wish I were David Brooks.


Check it out and let me know whether or not you are changed.