Monday, February 18, 2013


That's right, ladies and gentlemen, there is only one more shopping day until the CREATIVE SELFISHNESS workshop happens. You know, the one hosted by that imaginative partnership EBB, Ellen, Bill & Bill. If you haven't heard yet, please refer to the previous post here to get more details.

You might ask yourself why should I get up at or before the crack of dawn, make myself at least half way presentable, and show up at 7:30, yes AM?

Even though you didn't, I am going to pretend and say I'm glad you asked. Some would say February is not the cruelest month, but I disagree. If we were actually having winter this year we would be wondering if it would ever be over. But we're Chicagoans and we know we'll pay for the pass we've gotten so far and we'll be sorry.  We're expert and knowing and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Mardi Gras is over and unless you're one of those who relish the season of denial called Lent, the only thing to look forward to this month is more places offering pepper and egg sandwiches. If only more of them did it better.

But I digress.

On top of all that, V-Day was just last week, and who doesn't need some respite after that. That's the holiday during which it is almost impossible to win. Whatever your hopes and dreams of that event are, what are the chances of being hooked up with someone who sees it the same way as you? It's either much bigger or much smaller than yours. And how many of us can actually tell ourselves, let alone out partners, how we actually feel about it?

On the heels of this and the expectation of endless dreary days of the waning winter, we of EBB offer you the chance to see how to make the 364 1/4 other days of the year filled with much more of what you want, need, deserve, have earned and needed. And without compromising the hopes and dreams of your loved ones.

If you're just a little curious about what that might look like, come and see us in the morning. 

You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Welcome to the Paeon blog, where we talk about big stuff. Today it's about a frequent topic in the world of 21st Century Americans: Getting Stuff Done. Or gettin' er dun. or some other version you may prefer.

Of course this is about the judgement that life will be better when all the shit on my do do list is scratched off and I can catch a breather. Truth is, the person making that list is YOU. The truth is, you have a reason for making that list the way you do and you might be unaware or merely clueless about what is driving you there.

Enter We Three Coaches. We call ourselves EBB because we too are added to whatever that's called when an abbreviation is made out of know what I mean.

We have a 90 minute workshop coming up this next Tuesday, February 19th. We know you need to get stuff done and get to work and ll that so we scheduled it for 7:30AM. And we'll have you out at 9:00AM so you can go about practicing what you'll find out about yourself. And it'll be fun. Promise. That's because EBB doesn't take themselves too seriously. THe work we do it too important to weigh it down will sad faced and dour expressions. We have lives too and if we're down, it gets in our way.

Been there. Done that. Tired of it. Doing different!

Come for the fun and take away the lighter load you may be better able to carry. Have a laugh, maybe some coffee, maybe meet new people. Who knows?

One thing is for sure. You will walk away changed in some way. Not entirely, but in some way. We hope to see you there. Where? Here's the link.

Sign up now. You won't be sorry.

E-Ellen Burton
B-Bill Campbell
B-Bill Flynn