Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who Wants A Gift?

Yes, you can get a gift and it isn't even Christmas. Or any of those other gifty days like well, you know. 

And amazingly enough you can give it to yourself. Actually, no one else can give it to you. It's time to find a new best friend. Not another new friend. Most of us have had way too many of them. They just come and go, often without leaving a trace.

No, we're talking about a real best friend. The kind you had as a kid. You could pal around with him or her and just do the stuff the two of you wanted to do, which was almost always the same thing for each of you. And about this time each year one of you would go on vacation and your heart ached until they came back. Life was so much bigger and more fun when that best friend was around.

So, here's what I'm talking about Mr. or Ms. grown up. The kind of friend a big person needs to make their life bigger and better. Hop on your adult version of a bike and join us as follows:

Allow me to introduce your new best friend, COURAGE.

This isn’t a stranger to you, just a better friend than you’ve known. This is the friend that helped you make all those decisions, both hard and not-so-hard. Whether you were choosing a college, asking for a date or having a child, it was courage that was there, by your side, helping you move forward. Or not. Either way it was a decision. And that decision caused you to confront yourself, your expectations, your hopes, your fears. You may have told yourself you weighed all the pluses and minuses and came up with a rational decision but research tells us that the decision was likely to have been made and the logical augment merely justifies that decision.

Our decades of coaching and our individual life experience has helped us to see the power of the unconscious in our lives and the lives of our clients. Connecting to that part is really valuable to leading a life that is better at serving us. And the better it serves us, the better we serve the people who are important to us.

This experience has been so valuable to us that we decided to offer a worship to help others learn how to use this connection better. This is about connecting with Courage at the emotional level, not merely the intellectual level.  That’s where the Courage work is done. If you’re curios, and we know you are, join us for this life altering experience. Details follow.

We offer a day long workshop in which we explore the scary situations we all face on a daily basis uncover the actual threats and chart a path through the deep-seated process it takes to connect with the power of your Courage. And so the experience has the ability to stay with you over time,we will help you anchor it in your body so you can call it up whenever you choose.

The Courage Workshop will be help Saturday, August 2 from 9AM-5PM.
The location is a space called design cloud, 118  N. Peoria, Suite 2n Chicago 60607. 
The cost is $150 per person. 
We will break for punch and encourage you to take one of the following options for lunch. Either bring your own, or order with us from here: http://lorettasbakeshopandcafe.com/
Ordered lunch will be delivered and each will pay for theirs individually.
Call with questions or to register at 773-817-6700.

We look forward to joining you on this adventure. See you soon.

You’ll be glad you did.

Bill Campbell
Bill Flynn